Enhanced Historic Credit Partners (EHCP) is a significant investor in historic rehabilitation projects utilizing State Historic Tax Credits (SHTC).

EHCP was organized in 2002 to enhance the value of SHTCs for projects in Missouri. Over the past 15 years, EHCP has expanded to 25 funds in 9 states working with both allocated and certificated SHTC. EHCP has invested over $415 million of SHTC equity in 215 projects with per project SHTCs ranging from $500,000 to $34 million. These investments have resulted in:

  • the rehabilitation of theaters, schools, churches, office buildings, factories, and mills
  • the revitalization of small town main streets and urban cores
  • over $1.8 billion in qualified rehabilitation expenditures
  • over $2.4 billion in total development costs.

By working with developers to address the specific needs of their projects, EHCP has developed strong working relationships, often completing multiple deals with the same development team. With over 15 years in the industry, EHCP has also forged relationships with many federal investors, lenders, accountants, attorneys, and supporters of both Federal Historic Tax Credits and SHTCs.

These relationships, combined with EHCP’s ability to adapt to the continuously changing tax credit landscape, have allowed EHCP to continue to grow and expand its footprint into states that are developing new SHTC programs or improving existing ones.

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